Hello, we are Remix.

We are a digital creative agency from Asia,

Headquarters is located in Beijing China.

We create beautiful, practical,

digital valuble product,

To help our customers become industry leader.


Be respected by our clients, be proud by our
peers, this is what Remix was built on and this is
our ultimate objective.

Be respected by our clients,
be proud by our peers, this is what
Remix was built on and this is our
ultimate objective.

The foundation of Remix is to constantly pursuit high quality of work. We believe in Chinese brand marketing will be geared to international standard along with the global development. When competition occurs more and more fiercely in these days, traditional advertising pattern reveals its shortages, like poor efficiency and huge internal consuming, therefore, they cannot achieve more personal, higher efficiency and higher quality demands of clients. We hope to collect the most sophisticated creative designers and technical experts to concentrate on digital creative. To create an independent, fast response, high quality digital creative team, and to help clients to achieve and exceed the established business objectives


To help clients become the leader of industry.

The value of Remix, is to use our digital media experience for many years, build an effective communication between brand and consumers. We believe in brand communication is no longer a single-direction dissemination with the development of Internet. In the future, every comment from customers will be profound to companies. Therefore, Remix values every chance of delivery.

Each project, we will maintain a close relation to our customers and we manage to achieve business objectives and strategy target consensus. With our strong execution capability and sensitivity, we design and implement a highly symbolic and high quality product and service, eventually; we hope our target consumers could actively participate in the brand communication camp, becoming the brand supporter and spreader.


Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Remix is not only a company; we are more like a special forces which collects many unique individuals. Because of passion, we gathered in Remix, because of passion, we devoted ourselves to work, because of passion, we are self-disciplined, because of passion, we challenge, explore, and try new things. Therefore, in Remix, it is not important what you can do; it is important what you want to do. There is a group of people like you who have talents and dreams, will help you accomplish. We always believe that, in this changing complex world, only keep curiosity, focus on one thing, work with the talented people and do what you love to do could come out a good result.


Become the best choice of
digital creative supplier.

In the future, Remix will continue to focus on digital creativity, hoping to become an independent, flexible, quick response, high quality digital creative team who has the most outstanding talented people, with the world first-class partners, to help customers create values. let more enterprises achieve and exceed the brand business objectives.